Nora on Retainer

Navigating workplace culture and leadership roles can be tricky at times.  Talking with and running ideas and scenarios past a trusted advisor can absolutely help.

Our retainer packages vary in size based on the needs and complexity of the organization, and your goals. 

Having easy access can help you and your executive team move forward on known workplace culture and leadership issues effectively. An on-going partnership can help uncover potential workplace culture and leadership challenges early on in order to prevent more significant issue down the road. 

We can help you navigate issues which in turn will enable you to build a strong and effective team that lands you on the right side of the Cultural P&L.

Be warned, we believe in managerial courage.  If you're looking for a leadership retainer service to have someone agree with you consistently, we are not that service.  We will ask the tough questions to get to the right solution for the benefit of your business.