Online Harassment Prevention Training

Are you tired of online harassment prevention training programs that suck?  US TOO!  Nora has watched a variety of bad, cheesy, and ineffective harassment training programs as part of The Undercover Employee™ research, and realized something needed to change.  In 2018 she worked with Sage Media to take a new approach to online sexual harassment prevention training.  She shared her extensive knowledge on harassment and discrimination issues, investigations, interactive training, and harassment prevention, - with those insights,  Sage Media utilized their understanding of story-telling using an emotionally intelligent approach to create an on-line harassment prevention resource that will keep learners engaged and address the primary way organizations can stop harassment in it's tracks - bystander intervention.

This online option is engaging with video that feels more Netflix and Hulu than corporate training. Our approach takes into consideration Nora’s twenty plus years of harassment investigations and workplace culture development, as well as insights from the EEOC on the future of harassment prevention,  and we have built this instructional tool from the standpoint of bystander intervention - the key to moving the needle on workplace culture.

If you are looking to purchase a few seats, you can Buy Now, if you'd like to discuss a comprehensive roll-out for your organization, or would like to schedule a 10 minute exploratory call with Nora, you can schedule that here, contact us or call 303-862-2697.

We look forward to working with you to eliminate workplace harassment in your organization.