This page is specifically for those HR professionals, managers, directors, business owners, etc who attended the Ogletree Deakins event: Managing A Workforce in 2018 on November 10, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.  Here you'll find links to resources on retention and turnover trends, answers to questions participants asked after the session, and information on the coveted HR-Undercover™ Nunya Business Cheat Sheet!

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Nunya Business Cheat Sheet!

During the interview, and throughout the hiring process, there are some aspects of a candidate's life that are, quite simply, Nunya Business. This infographic shares some of the questions I was asked as The Undercover Candidate™ that should NOT be asked of applicants.  

While I am a BIG fan of team and collaborative hiring, anyone who is participating in the interview and hiring process needs to be trained to understand that candidates (and their references) should only be asked about skills, abilities, competencies, and goals, that are 100% work related.

If you would like a PDF of our Nunya Business Infographic, please contact us with your email and "OD18-Nunya" and we'll send it your way.



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Thank you for your active participation in the session.  Please let us know how we can further assist you and your organization to enhance hiring, reduce turnover, and develop an exceptional new employee experience! 

Information will be added to this page over the next few weeks, and the page will stay active until January 1, 2018.