What are your organization's hiring and onboarding processes REALLY like?

Top-tier candidates have options. Lots of options.

Your hiring process, and the multitude of touch points throughout the hiring process from initial job posting to offer ... from first day welcome to new employee feedback sessions ... each of these is a decision point for your candidate.  Do they join, or do they remove themselves from the process?  Do they stay, or do they accept a call from a competitor's hiring manager.  You've set up a plan for hiring - how well is that plan being executed?  Let's find out in order to improve the processes for stronger hiring, and increased retention as well as enhanced team and customer experiences.


Mystery Shop - Hiring Process

As Nora researched the hiring process from the perspective of the candidate, and participated in over 100 interviews ranging from part-time file clerk, to director of operations, she identified key touch-points in the process that are both critical, and often handled poorly by organizations. 

For the Hiring Process Mystery Shop, we utilize the formula for success that developed over the course of Nora's research, and apply that to a systematic review for our clients. 

With our mystery shop, you get an analytical, and very real look at your processes.  It's not for the faint of heart, or mildly curious, but reserved for hiring teams, and organizations that are committed to both an in-depth review, and executing change to improve upon the foundation that currently exists.

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Mystery Shop - Onboarding Process

While the hiring process should provide a solid foundation upon which to build, if the first day experience, and overall employee onboarding, training and feedback processes are flawed, you will lose top tier new hires. 

According to a poll by Korn-Ferry, 10-25% of new hires leave within the first six months.  Based on Nora's experience as The Undercover Candidate™, and The Undercover Employee™, that percentage is even higher in industries like retail, hospitality, and healthcare that have a high percentage of front-line, customer-facing employees.

For our Onboarding Process / New Hire Experience Mystery Shop, we evaluate key aspects of your onboarding process, and offer a plan for enhancing what currently exists.  We'd love to talk with youmore about how we can partner for a better new hire experience which leads to better team experiences, and ultimately better customer experiences.