Nora A Burns - Employee Engagement Expert

Nora A Burns - Employee Engagement Expert

Since stepping into the world of human resources more than two decades ago, Nora A Burns, SPHR has interviewed and on-boarded thousands of candidates and new hires for positions ranging from file clerk to executive vice president. Along the way, she decided to study and evaluate the hiring process from a different perspective, by participating in job interviews across the country. She did this not in her usual role of interviewer or hiring consultant, but as a candidate for administrative, supervisory and managerial roles.

As The Undercover Candidate™, Nora has participated in over a hundred interviews to gain insight into the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective. Professional curiosity then took her a step further as she recognizes that effective hiring is only the first step toward building a great workforce, Phase two of her research involved spending a year working “undercover” for a variety of large, well-known organizations as a customer-facing employee in entry-level positions. 

Nora is passionate about helping associations and corporations hire and develop top talent to advance their overall mission and strategy. Her engaging, no-nonsense style and sense of humor has captivated retreat, workshop and conference audiences across North America. She tailors every keynote, workshop and session to her client’s specific needs. 

Nora is the President of NSA-Colorado. 

Learning While Laughing!  Meeting planners  thank Nora for getting participants to think, and learn while also bringing laughter, that we should consider re-branding as Learn & Laugh!  If you are looking for a speaker who can deliver exceptional, original content while actively engaging participants, and making them laugh - Nora A Burns is the professional speaker you're looking for!  Listed here are her most often requested programs.  Don't see exactly what you're looking for?  Contact us - even if Nora isn't the right fit, there's a pretty good chance we know a speaker that will be!


Nora has worked with a variety of organizations including government, associations, small business and Fortune 500 companies including: