Tired of dreading going into work?  Frustrated by being passed over for promotions?  Starting to feel like you are "just'a" cog in the wheel because you are under appreciated, under challenged, or under utilized?  It may be time to find a new job - a job that is better suited not only for your unique skills, talents, and abilities, but also that is a fit for the type of employment relationship you're looking for.

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Why Work With Nora?

Nora has recruited, interviewed, and hired thousands of employees over the course of her 20+ years as an HR professional.  She is also The Undercover Candidate™, having participated in over 250 interviews -- not in her traditional roles of HR pro and hiring consultant, but as the job candidate for a variety of positions, from coast to coast.  

Learn from a hiring pro who has purposefully put herself in your shoes.

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Not Sure Where To Start Your Job Search?

Getting started with a job search can be overwhelming - in addition to the logistics of the process, the plethora of job posting sites, complex application processes, and time commitment, it can be emotionally draining.  Nora is here to help. Let's design your unique job search to build to your future, not drain your present.