What Is Included In the Hiring Process?

When we talk about the hiring process, we here at HR-Undercover are referring to the full timeline involved - starting from the point when an organization first considers adding additional staff, up until the position has been filled, and all alternate candidates have been advised that the position for which they were applying is no longer available.


What Sets You Apart?

Interviewers often ask candidates questions along the lines of "why should we hire you for this position?".  I'd recommend you consider instead why top-tier candidates would want to work with you.  What sets you apart?  Do you offer a more generous compensation package than other employers?  Do you offer exceptional training and development opportunities?  Is your scheduling more employee-centric than others in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare space?  Identifying your true competitive advantage when seeking talent, will start you down the hiring path well ahead of the average organization.  If you'd to partner with us in identifying your true competitive advantage, we welcome the opportunity to work with you through training or consulting.  Contact Us. 


Who are you REALLY looking for?

Identifying what knowledge, skills, and abilities are truly needed for the position you are hiring will allow you to keep the process on-track, as well as help to alleviate bias from the selection process.  Without this step, hiring managers often hire mini-me candidates, or select someone who is 180º opposite of the employee who just left the position, because of unseen biases that natural become part of human decision making if we aren't purposeful with decision making.  I you'd like to partner with us in identifying core competencies, helping to avoid bias, and building a candidate profile, via training or consulting, please contact us


Who should be part of your hiring process?

Often hiring is done in isolation.  The hiring manager, or the manager in conjunction with a representative from human resources, screen applications and resumes, contact candidates, and meet with them.  Limiting this process, and the related decisions to one, or two individuals is one of the most common mistakes employers make.  Consider involving team members, internal customers, cross-functional team members, etc.  in the process.  There are a multitude of benefits to involving others from enhancing transparency, to reducing the impact of bias, and increasing the probability of a more effective on-boarding process.  When including others in the hiring process, be sure to provide interview training, as all members of the interview and hiring team need to understand confidentiality, the importance of inquiries being 100% work-related, and the role bias can play if unaware of it's power.  If you are looking for interview training for team members, or would like to partner with us to work through who should be included in your unique hiring teams, please contact us