Employee turnover is expensive. In addition to costs of sourcing candidates, interviewing, training, etc., turnover causes a disruptive ripple in our practices.  This ripple impacts the team, vendors, and, most notably, the patient experience.  We can foresee the looming departure much earlier than most realize - sometimes as early as the interview - regularly during the first days of employment. 

Employees often make their initial decision to leave an organization (in 1-2 years time) before they have completed their first week.

To reduce turnover we need to evaluate hiring practices and their impact on the patient experience.  What if we re-imagine hiring from a different perspective?   In this session Nora shares stories, insights, tips and trends to do just that – and your attendees leave equipped with new insights, and action items to enhance their own systems to outpace the competition when it comes to finding…and retaining…top talent.    

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