Thank you for inviting me to speak at your March meeting.  I truly enjoyed working with your membership, clearly a group committed to continuous improvement.  Included here you'll find some resources to assist as you work to enhance your hiring process, and new hire experience.  This page will remain active until at least July 1, 2017 - and I may add more resources over that time based on what I hear from event participants.

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Nunya Business!

During the interview, and throughout the hiring process, there are some aspects of a candidate's life that are, quite simply, Nunya Business. This infographic shares some of the questions I was asked as The Undercover Candidate™ that should NOT be asked of applicants.  

While I am a BIG fan of team and collaborative hiring, anyone who is participating in the interview and hiring process needs to be trained to understand that candidates (and their references) should only be asked about skills, abilities, competencies, and goals, that are 100% work related.

If you would like a PDF of our Nunya Business Infographic, please contact us with your email and "CWSHRM-Nunya" and we'll send it your way.

Building A Solid Employment Relationship From Day One

Are new hires being welcomed into your organization on day one like the important people they are?  Or, are they receiving meta-messages from the very beginning that signal to them that they are a "just'a"?  While the hiring process sets the initial tone of the new hire experience, the first day, and first week play a critical role in overall employee satisfaction, and employee retention.

If you would like a PDF of our First Day This or That Infographic, please contact us with your email and "CWSHRM-FirstDay" and we'll send it your way.

Questions, questions, and more questions!

Early in our time together, I asked you to write down your "go-to interview question"....what is the question you ask all candidates regardless of position, role, etc. Most of us have one -- it's often a question we fell in love with when we were brand new to the hiring process.  As hiring changes over time, we aren't always willing to give up this tried-and-true inquiry.  I invite you to revise, re-work, re-consider your go-to question. To help you with this, I've summarized your questions, offered re-writes in most cases, asked you to simply stop asking the question in others, and provided some commentary regarding the question.  One central theme - interviews should be more a conversation than interrogation.  Remember it's a two-sided discussion, and a two-sided decision.  Coming into an interview with a 'prove-yourself to me' mentality will eliminate top-tier candidates from your decision, as they will exit themselves fro the process in search of an organization interested in a different kind of employment relationship. 

Please note, this document is provided for participants in our March 2017 event - please do no duplicate, or distribute.    To access the full list of questions, re-writes, and comments, please follow this link to google drive.  This document will be available until July 1, 2017.


We spoke briefly about #DisruptHR - an after-hours event with 10-12 speakers who each deliver a 5 minute talk that is either about HR, or tangentially related.  Five minutes, 20 slides (no more, no less), and the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds.  The next Wisconsin-based DisruptHR is being held Wednesday, June 7 in Madison, WI.  They expect to sell-out by early May, so if you're interested in attending, buy your ticket sooner rather than later.  And yes, I'll be speaking.  Topic:  Zero Tolerance - Poor Phrasing, or Bad Math?