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This page will be built-out based specifically on questions and comments from the 2017 Utah SHRM Crossroads Conference!  Stop Nora at the conference, ask questions, request information, and share your thoughts on HR-Undercover to build the content of this page.   Page will stay active for a minimum of three months after the conference.

Tuesday Morning Keynote 8-9.15am

Tuesday Morning Keynote 8-9.15am

Maria Broke the Time Clock....and Other Tales of Shame

Our businesses invest a lot of time, effort, and money in hiring the right people to serve your clients, customers, and community. 

Management by shame undoes all that work while as it destroys employee engagement, innovation, productivity, trust, teamwork, customer engagement ...ultimately, your organization.

Is your management style creating more connections with employees, or less?

Nora shares stories of shame-based-management from her time as The Undercover Employee™ on the front lines of organization in order to shed light on this important topic. 

Wednesday Morning Breakout - 9:30-10:30 am

Wednesday Morning Breakout - 9:30-10:30 am

Tales of Polyester, Name Tags, and Flair - My Life As The Undercover Employee

Are your valued employees descripting themselves as just’a?

We’ll discuss the meta messages that got them there, and how to turn things around for the betterment of the employee and customer experiences.

This is a working session, roll up your sleeves, take a close look at your organization's processes to uncover accidental "just'a" messaging that is costing you top tier candidates, employee engagement, innovative ideas, and more!

Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?

Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?

Be sure to talk with Nora at the conference - share your thoughts, insights, questions, and comments. 

We will build out this page specifically for Utah SHRM Crossroads Conference participants! 

If you took photos of Nora at the conference, please email those to her!  Nora.Burns@HR-Undercover.comThank you!