A Mountain Bike, Hiking Poles, Yoga Mat, Ball Gown… and a Hiring Manager.

What do these things have in common?  All the items (less the hiring manager) were in the back of my Subaru this afternoon – and the combination made me laugh as I returned home this evening.  I have clearly become the quintessential Coloradan.  The combination also reminded me of Bob*.

Bob was a hiring manager and had just finished leading a panel interview with a promising candidate for a marketing position (I participated in the panel as an HR consultant working on evaluating and redesigning their hiring process).  Rather than walk her to the lobby, Bob escorted the candidate all the way to her car in the firm’s parking lot.  They continued talking as they walked, he shook her hand while standing beside the car, and then he returned to the office.

As we debriefed the interview I asked if he always walked candidates to their car, or if this was a unique event.  He proudly exclaimed, “Oh, if I have someone I believe to be a strong candidate I do that – it gives me so much more information!”  How so?  “I position myself so I can look into their vehicle and see how clean and organized it is, what things they have laying about - you can learn a lot about someone by studying their vehicle”. 


There are several challenges with this scenario – and anyone reading this who is the parent of young children has probably already imagined the first!  Mom and Dad-mobiles are regularly strewn with Cheerios®, car seats, booster chairs, etc.  <Red Flag:  Family Status>  It’s also possible that the vehicle belongs to a friend or family member who lent the candidate their car for the interview.  The candidate could have traded cars with a friend for the week because someone was moving or need a more fuel-efficient vehicle for a road trip.  The vehicle that you’re peering into could also be a rental.  There are so many scenarios that could be in play!

Today as I looked at the collection of items in the back of my vehicle, I tried to imagine what stories Bob might make up about the combination of a mountain bike, hiking poles, yoga mat, and ball gown in the back of my mountain-dirt-covered-Subaru!

The bottom line … for a position of this nature - an internal marketing position which would not require driving anyone around, visiting client locations, etc. – the kind of transportation someone is using to get to/from work, or the current condition of their personal vehicle falls solidly in the category of Nunya Business.   

Until next time.. don’t be like Bob*!   Respect the privacy of candidates and let’s stay away from their vehicles when not directly relevant to the job.

Go be brilliant, and make your workplace and the world a better place one positive interaction at a time!

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.


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