Grab a Cup of Coffee, and Join Me!

Welcome the the HR-Undercover™ Blog.  Long overdue, and finally here!  Within these posts, I will share insights about the new employee experience.  Writings will cover everything from evaluating the need for an employee, through the candidate experience, the offer, and onboarding processes, right through to the one year anniversary of employment.  We'll talk recruiting, extending offers of employment, team building, first impressions, avoiding hiring bias, ensuring new hire success, retention, respect --- oh, I am geeking out thinking of all the aspects of the new hire experience that will be covered! 

There are a few things you should know.  First, I am an HR professional, not a professional writer, or editor. Please do not let punctuation, and/or grammatical errors scare you off!  That said, I will do my best without delaying posts for multiple edits, and revisions.  If you catch an obvious error, send me a never know what goodie I will send in return!  Of course, if it has to do with my obsessive use of "...", and "-" I am afraid there is very little hope for change.  If Sister Seraphine couldn't deter my use of ellipsis and dashes all those years ago, I am afraid we are stuck with them.  That said, I am in favor of the Oxford comma.  

Secondly, I welcome your questions, comments, and emotional outbursts.  We may not agree on all things HR, and management, ...okay, let's simply accept now that we will have differing opinions at times. Let's further agree that I will respectfully put forth my insights herein, and you respectfully put forth yours in the comments, or via the contact us section of this site.  Different perspectives, and respectful discussion are key components to continuous learning - and I am a HUGE fan of continuous learning. 

Lastly, if there's something here you particularly enjoy, please share it (with attribution) via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc!

Now that we have that covered, what do you say we begin?